Jono Aidney
Creative, Writer, Owner


For the past nine years, I've worked in New Zealand and Australia as a copywriter and award-winning advertising creative.

I have a passion for finely-crafted copy, strategic problem-solving, and obscure indie rock from the mid-1990s. I've lived in agencies, freelanced for them, and worked directly with clients. Here are some of the brands I've been lucky to work with. And here are some of the accolades I've been lucky to receive along the way.

I think mass communication changes minds better than microscopic messaging. That acquisition is a better investment than retention. That brands should participate with customers, not the other way around. And that 'ethical advertising' will be the next annoying marketing buzzword. (But it's about time.)

I think the best ideas are simple, but only in hindsight. I think good jokes, stories, and songs are invincible. I think the second most disruptive thing in the world is not doing the cool thing. And the first most disruptive thing in the world is telling the truth.

I also write-write. I play music. I make things. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn, or Twitter, or just by typing my name into the internet. Hello, the future!