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The Wilderness Society



Help the environment movement break out of its echo chamber.

In February 2016, I became Creative Group Head at the Wilderness Society. Like many NGOs of its era, this is an organisation struggling to balance its grassroots heritage with its modern operating reality. My team inherited an outwardly folksy, confusing, often hysterical brand, and shaped it into a true challenger brand that can now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Australia's leading progressive organisations.

I'm proud to have played a role in:

  • Unpacking research insights to build a brand of mainstream character
  • Developing a new voice, design system, website and launch materials
  • Sneaking our biodiversity messaging into celebrity gossip columns around the world
  • influencing BP and Chevron's decision not to drill in the Great Australian Bight
  • influencing Queensland's decision to legislate against deforestation
  • Brewing a beer that (really) helped save a threatened species
  • Recruiting thousands of everyday Aussies to train as future environmental leaders.

Recent work